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Non-Executive Director Advisory Service

Bespoke. Read more below.


Is your business seeking strategic insights, unbiased guidance, and seasoned expertise to navigate critical decisions and fuel growth? Our Non-Executive Director Advisory Service connects you with accomplished industry leaders who serve as valuable additions to your board, bringing fresh perspectives, leadership acumen, and a wealth of experience to steer your business towards success.

Service Details:

Expertise Matching: We'll carefully match your business with a Non-Executive Director (NED) whose expertise aligns with your industry, challenges, and growth goals.

Strategic Oversight: Your NED will offer an independent and objective viewpoint, providing strategic oversight and guidance on matters ranging from business development to risk management.

Decision Support: Benefit from your NED's wealth of experience to make informed and forward-looking decisions that align with your long-term goals.

Board Collaboration: Our NEDs actively engage with your board, providing insights, participating in discussions, and offering mentorship to executive teams.

Performance Evaluation: Regular performance evaluations ensure that your NED is actively contributing to your business's success and providing the value you expect.

Crisis Management: In times of uncertainty or crisis, your NED will offer strategic guidance, helping your business navigate challenges while safeguarding its reputation.

Network Access: Tap into your NED's extensive professional network, opening doors to potential partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities.


The cost of our Non-Executive Director Advisory Service varies based on the level of expertise, time commitment, and specific needs of your business. Our pricing is designed to offer a balanced investment that delivers invaluable insights and strategic direction. Contact us to discuss your business's requirements and receive a personalised quote. Prices start from £400 per month.

Why Choose Us:

At FORCE Business Development, we understand the pivotal role Non-Executive Directors play in shaping a business's trajectory. Our Non-Executive Director Advisory Service connects you with accomplished leaders who bring fresh perspectives and deep industry insights, ensuring that your business is equipped to make informed decisions and seize growth opportunities.

Ready to elevate your business's governance and strategic direction? Contact us today to explore how our Non-Executive Director Advisory Service can provide your business with the expertise and guidance needed to navigate challenges and drive sustainable growth.

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